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2017年12月26日 星期二

Success in PlastEurasia 2017

Thank you for coming to our booth at PlastEurasia from December 6 ~ 9, 2017. Fung Chang was glad to receive quantities of inquiries this time.

Customers from surrounding countries, like Algeria, Iran, Oman, Palestine, Sudan, East and South Europe countries have inquiries about Raschel knitting machine for different net products. Some regular customers also came visit Fung Chang for new projects. It was Fung Chang’s pleasure to meet customers and have discussion on suitable solutions for each one of you!

It seems that economy of Turkey is recovering from the winter from last year.  Fung Chang was pleased to have success in PlastEurasia 2017 and we will see you next year!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further question.

Production Flow - Shade Net

Production Flow - Onion Bag

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2017年10月25日 星期三

Thanks for Your Visit at Fung Chang!

Since August, Fung Chang has been having groups of customers from Tunisia, Russia, and Turkey visit us.

Fung Chang displayed SR series shade net making machine, knotless fishnet making machine, and DR1-42 series tubular mesh bag making machine and had discussions on suitable solutions for each customer.

SR series Raschel knitting machine can produce mono x mono, tape x tape, and mono x tape PE net.  DR1-42 series machine is for making tubular mesh bag.  Fung Chang also provides solutions for products like bale/pallet net, onion bag, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

Production Flow - Shade Net

Production Flow – Tubular Mesh Bag

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2017年7月20日 星期四

Ways of Preservation for PE Net - The “Master” of Anti-UV

It is known that food, drinks, colored products, etc. exposed to UV light will ultimately become perishable or color fading due to chemical effects. PE net with color has unfavorable outcome also if it is under the sunlight for a long period of time. It will lead to the loss of elongation, tensile strength, dye, and so on.

The good news is that “UV light stabilizer masterbatches” could be one of the ways to lessen the above adverse effects on PE plastic net. There are two UV light stabilizer masterbatches - Ultraviolet Absorbers (UVAs) and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS).

UVAs, also known as UV filter, function by absorbing and dispelling harmful UV radiation to stabilize the condition of PE products under short-term exposures.

With its regeneration feature, HALS is the most effective UV Light Stabilizer for polyolefin products. It works through trapping free radicals developed in the process of photo-oxidation. Almost all kinds of products under long-term exposures are suitable for HALS application.

With these two UV light stabilizers, PE nets could have longer lifespan not only for playing its role in shading against sunlight but also for preserving their vivid colors!

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UV Light Stabilizer Masterbatches
Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers & UV Masterbatches

2017年5月1日 星期一

The Magic of Antistatic Masterbatch

With many years of manufacturing and exporting Raschel knitting machine worldwide, Fung Chang notices that static problem from the PE film is one of the headache for customers. In course of problem solving for customers, “antistatic masterbatch” is one of the options for reducing static electricity on films and yarns during the film blown or knitting process.

Static electricity may cause danger or unpleasant result on final product such as flame or getting harder in winding of films.

Antistatic masterbatch plays an important role in solving the above problems. Amines is one of the useful antistatic agents. There are some factors affecting its performance. For example, higher humidity is nice for applying antistats. HDPE or PP will slow down the performance of amines. Winding tension is also the key element to determine the outcome of using antistats.

Antistat has its pros and cons but overall, it is a feasible way to decrease the condition of static electricity without affecting the result of final products.

Reference: Ampacet – Primer on Antistatic Masterbatches 

2017年4月18日 星期二

Set up a Project of Shade Net Plant in India

At the beginning of 2017, Fung Chang went to India for after-sales service.

The customer has cooperated with Fung Chang since 2010. They set up projects of SR series for making mono and tape yarn shade net.

The start-up ceremony, Puja, in India is special. Priest or senior staff will host the Puja and invite guests to smash coconuts which symbolize auspicious and successful. Fung Chang was impressed by the customer’s traditional customs.

Fung Chang provides SR series for making mono x mono, tape x tape, and mono x tape shade net product.

If you have further question, please feel free to contact us!

Production Flow – Shade Net

2017年1月20日 星期五

Machines Exported to Iran, Pakistan, and India

From November to December, 2016, Fung Chang exported machines to Iran, Pakistan, and India.

The customer from Iran has had orders for two whole lines of DR2 series Raschel bag making machine since 2015.

SR series shade net making machine is also the popular demand. Fung Chang is glad to receive two new inquiries from Pakistan and India. The customers focus on SR-RF series shade net making machine, which can make mono x mono, tape x tape, and mono x tape nets. Fung Chang tries its best to provide the suitable solutions for both of the customers!

Fung Chang provides Raschel knitting machines for making different kinds of products like shade net, construction net, bale net, knotless fishing net, fruit bag, and so on. It also offers turnkey project and after-sales service. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Production Flow – Onion Bag

Production Flow – Shade Net