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2016年10月6日 星期四

Colorful Shade Nets with Plants in Different Characteristics

Colorful shade nets are not just beautiful. Do you know that shade nets in different colors not only affect shade rate but can also determine the characteristics of plants?

In Shdema, Israel, a research was carried out by shading plants in red, blue, green, grey, black, and reflective nets with each having 50% shade rate during 1997~1999. Some remarkable results are found. The red net makes plants have the longest branches compared with other nets. Plants under the blue net are small and dwarf. The grey net helps cultivate dense and bushy plants with short branches and has 80% ~110% yield higher than the blue net.

Photo - University of Bologna

The technology helps growers cultivate varieties of plants catering to market needs without the need to make pruning. On the other hand, instead of using chemicals to change characteristics of plants, applying colored shade net is much friendlier to the environment, which does no harm to plants.

Michal Oren-Shamir, Eugene E. Gussakovsky, Eliezer Shpiegel, Ada Nissim-Levi, Kira Ratner, Rinat Ovadia, Yuri E. Giller, and Yosepha Shahak (May, 2001). Colored Shade Nets Can Improve the Yield and Quality of Green Decorative Branches of Pittosporum Variegatum. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 76(3) ·

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