Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 二月 2020


2020年2月26日 星期三

Fung Chang E-news – The Essential Role of Anti Hail Net

In June, 2019, Southern France was hit by an intense hail storm which also followed by heavy rainfall. Due to the global warming and climate change, the natural disasters occur frequently all over the world in recent years.

Not only the agricultural corps but also the buildings suffered from the widespread hailstones damage, hence it seems that the importance of anti-hail net could not be neglected at present.
To prevent the corps from hailstones smash, using the anti-hail net will definitely come in handy. Some owners of orchard will place the anti-hail net in a slanted position on their corps to guide the hailstones slip downwards easily and reduce the harm of frostbite.

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