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2019年5月8日 星期三

Fung Chang E-news – A Big Project to Export Raschel Knitting Machine

Since August 1st, 2018, Fung Chang has received a quantity of orders from regular customers through Asia as well as Europe, such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, and Russia. After a long period of manufacturing the knitting machine, Fung Chang finally finished all the complicated process.

There are various kinds of shade net applied in different field around the world.  Take aluminet shade cloth for example, it is a special knitted screen made of metalized HDPE, which is different from the general plastic shade net we have seen before. 

Using aluminet shade cloth in garden or green house for crops could definitely help reflecting intense heat and keep plants cool underneath. However, it is not suitable for all plant to be covered by aluminet shade cloth since the lux levels for each and every one of plant are different.

As an old saying goes, “Too much is as bad as not enough.” If the temperature rises high, the photosynthesis might not occur. If we reflect all the light by using aluminet shade cloth, then the plants might not get sufficient nutrition via the sun light. Therefore, whether or not we use aluminet shade cloth in our garden, it is still contingent upon the conditions of plant and the environmental climate.

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Production Flow – Shade net

Reference: Ampacet –Best Shade Cloth to Reduce Temperature of Plants for Your Vegetable Garden