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2014年9月18日 星期四

Take a look at Shade net

Shade net is the popular covered material which can block out the certain percentage of the light and passes through the fresh air at the same time. In the hot weather, shade net offers the protection of UV attacks and overheating for plant or human. Also, shade net provides a physical barrier against hail and heavy rain. When the winter comes, it protects the plants from frostbite and keeps the appropriate temperature for plants.


Agriculture, Car parking, Swimming pool…etc.


Fung Chang is a Taiwan-based Raschel knitting machine manufacturer with 50+ years of experience and is specialized in designing different kinds of shade net machine (Brand name: Victor).  Customers over 35 countries have Fung Chang’s machine working. 


Recently, shade net market has grown up rapidly in India, Middle East and South America. Fung Chang provided advice based on their seasoned experience, has sold 130 sets of shade net & the associated machines in past 5 years.  SR-F series is the most popular model for the shade net.  One of Indian customer said: “We estimate that there still need hundreds of shade net machine in west and north India.” In Middle East and South America, customers also have same comment in their market.

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