Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 二月 2016


2016年2月17日 星期三

Set up a project of shade net plant in Russia

In Jan. 2016, Fung Chang Installed 6 meter width shade net machines along with blown film machines in Russia.

Suffering from the Ruble depreciation, customer from Russia decided to manufacture the shade net and building net by his own machines. Start form trial of different kinds of material in Russian market, Fung Chang helped customer finding the suitable one. 
After the machine installation, Fung Chang provides know-how transfer and the train for employees.

Male operator? Or Female operator? 

After hundred times of installation experiences, we notice the different employee culture around the world. Some companies prefer male operator for the knitting machine, some prefer females.

Employer who prefers male operators think men are strong enough to handle all kinds of situation, like loading/unloading net roll, machines maintenance etc.

Employer who prefers female operators think women are attentive and good at textile skill. They will take care of the quality of the production. 

We also notice that Europe and Southeast Asia people prefer female operators. India, South America and Middle East people prefer male operators.