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2019年9月12日 星期四

Fung Chang E-news – A Different Look of Raschel Knotless Fishing Net

Fishing, the traditional activity originated from the ancient times. With the assistance of fishing net, fishermen’s skill of catching fish has progressed gradually nowadays. The modification of fishing net determined by the circumstance and the fish size that fishermen plan to catch.
At the initial stage of selection, the raw material of fishing net will be a vital factor to consider. For knotless fishing net, there are various raw materials to choose from, such as HDPE and synthetic fibers. However, some kinds of synthetic fiber could not applied to knotted fishing net since the tensile strength will decrease after the twisting and knotting process, also the traits of themselves are slippery, which might make the knotted section easily loosen.
Furthermore, compared with knotted type, knotless fishing net has advantage of smooth surface and less bulky volume due to the elimination of knots, which is able to decrease the abrasion caused by currents, also allows the net to move faster and sink deeper in the sea-water.
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