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2015年12月9日 星期三

Meet with success in PlastEurasia 2015

PlastEurasia is one of biggest trading platforms in Turkey which take place in Istanbul during Dec. 3~Dec.6, 2015. This trade show attracts buyers from Turkey, Europe, Middle East, North Africa and even South America. Fung Chang has attended this big event, and we really appreciate to meet all the visitors in the exhibition.

Most of clients are interesting on Raschel bags and shade net making machine. Due to the inflation of USD dollar, importing products becomes unprofitable to them. Therefore, customers intend to produce the products by themselves.

Although there is an uncertain situation around Middle East, we still see the dynamic business full in the exhibition. We are glad that customers trust Fung Chang’s machine quality and services. Fung Chang will keep on providing turn-key plant solutions, instant parts supply and after-service.

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2015年11月10日 星期二

Poland clients visit Fung Chang for Raschel bags making machine.

In Oct.2015, Poland clients visited Fung Chang for Raschel bags making machine.

Due to the insufficient supply of quality Raschel bags in Europe market, clients plan to extend their production line for dealing with huge demand.  Fung Chang has sold Raschel knitting machines to Europe since 1999. We can feel that clients in Europe are waiting for proper timing to make new investment.

Fung Chang is founded in Taiwan which has 50 years of experiences on Raschel knitting machine. We provide reliable and suitable machine for our clients.  Further, we also provide professional after-sales services and know-how transfer.  When customers face technical problem or have parts demand, we provide prompt support and feedback. This is the reason we have thousands of machine sales around the world. Further, we keep long-tern relationship with our clients, even more than 30 years.



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2015年9月29日 星期二

Take success in VietnamPlast!

VietnamPlast 2015 held in SECC during Sept.16,2015 - Sept.19,2015. 

We really appreciate visitors came to our booth and discussed futher machine information with us. During this exhibition, we contact several buyers and clear to know what kinds of Rashcel machine is suitable for Vietnam market and also provide turn-key solution for our customers. 

According to our past experiences, monofilament net such as construction net, knotless fish net etc. are popular in Vietnam market so we provide the know-how for customers who want to enter the field of Raschel monofilament net making machine.

Apart from Vietnam clients, Fung Chang 's Rashcel knitting machine also drew a great attention for visitor who came from Thailand, China and so on. With the success in Vietnamplast, we will again attend Plast Eurasia 2015 and welcome you to visit our booth! 

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2015年8月3日 星期一

Construction net making machine set up in Vietnam.

    Fung Chang is a professional Raschel knitting machine manufacturer which found in 1963.  Thousands of Fung Chang’s Raschel knitting equipment has been sold in past 52 years all over 35 countries in the world.  With 52 years of experiences on Rashcel knitting machine field, we provide suitable and reliable machine to all of customer.

In June 2015, Fung Chang set up one set of construction net making machine for Vietnam.   Started from TaipeiPlast 2014, Vietnam buyer visited our booth for machine information. On the same day, they visited Fung Chang factory to see the production and machine running.
After half year communicating, Vietnam buyer has ordered one set of construction net turn-key equipment which includes monofilament making machine and net knitting machine.  Test running of the machines is an important stage before the shipment. Customer came to see test running of machines and make sure the sample is same as they want.
Fung Chang offers customer technical support and parts source.  With Fung Chang’s excellent machine and complete after-sales service, many customers have order their second lines and third lines in 2014 and 2015 after they experienced machine quality of first line for 1-2 years.



If you want to know further machine information, Fung Chang welcome you to discuss with us in VietnamPlast2015 or contact directly!

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