Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 十一月 2015


2015年11月10日 星期二

Poland clients visit Fung Chang for Raschel bags making machine.

In Oct.2015, Poland clients visited Fung Chang for Raschel bags making machine.

Due to the insufficient supply of quality Raschel bags in Europe market, clients plan to extend their production line for dealing with huge demand.  Fung Chang has sold Raschel knitting machines to Europe since 1999. We can feel that clients in Europe are waiting for proper timing to make new investment.

Fung Chang is founded in Taiwan which has 50 years of experiences on Raschel knitting machine. We provide reliable and suitable machine for our clients.  Further, we also provide professional after-sales services and know-how transfer.  When customers face technical problem or have parts demand, we provide prompt support and feedback. This is the reason we have thousands of machine sales around the world. Further, we keep long-tern relationship with our clients, even more than 30 years.



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