Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 八月 2014


2014年8月30日 星期六

Pallet net machine set up in Japan

Fung Chang has installed 3rd set of Raschel knitting machine for Pallet net in Japan in April 2014. Customer has purchased Fung Chang’s machine since 2011.  This is the milestone of Fung Chan for pursuing quality and service.

Unique product
Pallet net machine is latest model for Agriculture net application which could produce high strength net for packing pallet. Pallet net could replace stretch film on packing Agriculture product because of below feature:
  • Better breathability for the goods.
  • Better flexibility and tension maintenance.
  • Offer 3rd dimension of stability on the top packing.
  • Suitable for both machine packing and manual packing. 

High efficiency production
Since the fabric density of pallet net is much less than other shade net or fish net, the efficiency of production could increase 15~20% on Pallet net machine.

Whole-line equipment
Fung Chang offer a whole-line equipment to customer based on their demand. From raw material consultant, Blown film machine, Film slitting machine to Raschel knitting machine. Moreover, Fung Chang could also offer advice of plastic material recycling equipment which let customer re-use their waste material.

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