Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 五月 2017


2017年5月1日 星期一

The Magic of Antistatic Masterbatch

With many years of manufacturing and exporting Raschel knitting machine worldwide, Fung Chang notices that static problem from the PE film is one of the headache for customers. In course of problem solving for customers, “antistatic masterbatch” is one of the options for reducing static electricity on films and yarns during the film blown or knitting process.

Static electricity may cause danger or unpleasant result on final product such as flame or getting harder in winding of films.

Antistatic masterbatch plays an important role in solving the above problems. Amines is one of the useful antistatic agents. There are some factors affecting its performance. For example, higher humidity is nice for applying antistats. HDPE or PP will slow down the performance of amines. Winding tension is also the key element to determine the outcome of using antistats.

Antistat has its pros and cons but overall, it is a feasible way to decrease the condition of static electricity without affecting the result of final products.

Reference: Ampacet – Primer on Antistatic Masterbatches