Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 七月 2015


2015年7月7日 星期二

Fung Chang finished business trip from Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria

We finished our business trip and already set up 10 sets of Raschel knitting equipment in our clients of Turkey in June, 2015.

Fung Chang - Rashcel knitting machine in Turkey


Besides installation of machine, we also provide technical supporting and know-how transfer.  Not only sell machine but also our service and professional knowledge for all of our clients.

Fung Chang- Raschel knitting machine

Furthermore, we arranged another business trip to Macedonia and Bulgaria.  The old customers  have cooperated with us over 10 years.  Fung Chang have accompanied with their growth of business scope.  Fung Chang designs suitable machine specification along with stable parts sourcing for the production.  It goes without saying that they are our business partners as well as friends.
Fung Chang install machine in Turkey

Çay-Turkish tea 
Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable business trip for us!  Owing to this trip, we found out the potential market of Raschel net and bags grow bigger and Fung Chang always improve our machine and accompany with their growth!

Beef Offal soup