Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: 四月 2020


2020年4月28日 星期二

Fung Chang E-news – Gatekeeper of Cropland: Windbreak Netting

As climate change intensely in recent years, natural disasters such as typhoon, foehn, and hurricane occur frequently around the world. For this reason, owners of orchard come up with an amazing solution to this problem in order to minimum the huge losses they face.

Besides planting particular species of tree as windbreak, planters set up the windbreak fence to make their crops surrounded by a protective shelter. By doing so, they are capable of decelerating wind speed, reducing the evaporation of water, and retaining soil moisture.

Although the data in research show that knitted fabric’s performance in slowing wind speed is mediocre compared with woven fabric, its advantages reveal more significant in a long-term project due to the high tolerance of sun heat and raindrop having benefits outweigh the costs. 

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