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The multi-purpose of knotless net

The multi-purpose of knotless net

Ø   Polyester Knotless trellis net
Trellis netting is also known as vegetable trellis netting or garden trellis netting.  For provide the plant raises yields by increasing exposure to fresh air and sunlight, also reduce ground rot while saving the garden space

The polyester material could be the stronger than PE material and supports the heavy crops climb on the net. It also soft and light for the crops growing and doesn’t hurt the surface of the crops. 

Moreover, you could add the UV protection on the material and it would help your net become stronger.

Ø Polyester Sports net
Sports net are used on golf game, football game, baseball game and so on. The sports net help the game run smooth and safety during the game playing.  Add the anti-UV and waterproof ingredients on the polyester material, it could make the net durable and extend the lifetime of the sports net.

Ø   PE anti- bird net
In the past, farmer used anti-bird net to prevent the crops loosing and protect fruits from bird raids.  Now, the anti-bird net also appears on our daily life. 

 At the end of 2014, Dutch authorities have reported a fresh outbreak of bird flu on a poultry farm and have said human infection can only occur following “intense and direct contact” with infected birds.

 The government of U.K also appealed their resident to use ant-bird net structure to protect the poultry from wild birds infected.

If anyone who want to produce the knotless net, we could provide the suitable machine and the machine information!  We really hope to help our customer’s business smooth.

How to make knotless net?

Ø   Making process of polyester knotless net
Ø  Making process of PE knotless net

Ø   polyester knotless net
Ø   PE knotless net
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