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2019年6月6日 星期四

Fung Chang E-news – Explore The Mysterious Face of Bale Net

When it comes to managing the hay, the best tool these days is not keeping the hay indoor, but packing it with bale net. Bale net, which is a common product used extensively by livestock farmers in farm and ranch, is knitted fabric manufactured for wrapping of round hay. 

The importance of bale net should not be ignored since the advantages of itself work effectively. With the feature of water shedding, there’s no more rot occurring in owner’s place. Well packed by the bale net, the livestock farmer no need to prepare a warehouse for storing particularly, it becomes more convenient to preserving grain against the drought.

It is Fung Chang’s honor to have regular customer’s order, and we are willing to offer bale net making machine to help customer protect their crops as well as reduce the crop losses while handling and making storage easier. 

If you are interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

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Reference: What to Know About Hay Bale Netting