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2020年9月2日 星期三

Fung Chang E-news – Raschel Knitting Machine Exported to Middle East

Finished all the test-running process, technicians of Fung Chang are making the final inspection of machine details and ready to arrange the shipment at the end of August.

Before the shipment, we prepare additional spare parts which could use for 1 year on free of charge and send them along with the machine. To ensure that machine exported to customer’s country in good shape, the equipment will be packed by pallet and covered with plastic film carefully. 

Double Raschel knitting machine could be divided into DR1 series and DR2 series. This time, the knitting machine exported is DR1 series, it is capable of knitting 2 layers of net at the same time, which means customer can produce double width of net within the working width. 

Please feel free to contact us if there’s any inquiry about our double Raschel knitting machine!

Production Flow – Shade Net

2020年6月24日 星期三

Fung Chang E-news – Construction Net for Keeping the Crisis Away

Owing to rapid development of modern society, the rising proportion of building activities for commercial, residential, and non-residential construction project increases throughout the world apparently.  

During the same time of accelerating prosperity, the most concern of government and human beings is safety issue. As the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) states, the worksite which is located at a height of 6 feet or higher elevation should be equipped with complete fall arrest system to ensure a safer worksite.

Not only the lifeline and guard rail, but also the construction safety net play the vital roles to the construction site. With the flexible plastic specification of building net which conforms to the safety requirement, employees can work safely and shield off the debris as well as the falling objects.

If there’s any need of our construction safety net making machine, please feel free to contact us!

Production Flow – Building Net

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2020年4月28日 星期二

Fung Chang E-news – Gatekeeper of Cropland: Windbreak Netting

As climate change intensely in recent years, natural disasters such as typhoon, foehn, and hurricane occur frequently around the world. For this reason, owners of orchard come up with an amazing solution to this problem in order to minimum the huge losses they face.

Besides planting particular species of tree as windbreak, planters set up the windbreak fence to make their crops surrounded by a protective shelter. By doing so, they are capable of decelerating wind speed, reducing the evaporation of water, and retaining soil moisture.

Although the data in research show that knitted fabric’s performance in slowing wind speed is mediocre compared with woven fabric, its advantages reveal more significant in a long-term project due to the high tolerance of sun heat and raindrop having benefits outweigh the costs. 

If there’s any inquiry of agricultural net making machine, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Production Flow – Fence Net

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2020年3月26日 星期四

Fung Chang E-news – Test Run of Monofilament Making Machine Before Shipment

As the coronavirus disease is spreading rapidly, some restaurants, factories, and airlines decide to shut down at present. It seems that the disease brings about major impact around the world.

In the meantime, Fung Chang’s regular customers in Middle East and North Africa keep contacting and discussing their new project with us. We are pleased that customers’ companies did not affected by the influence of disease, on the contrary they actively expand their business during this tough period.  

This extruder is 85mm screw along with 3 + 3 beams winder. Before the shipment, our technicians made the test-run in the middle of March to make sure that machine is well-prepared to support each and every one of customer’s business. 

If there’s any inquiries about our product, please feel free to contact us!

Production Flow – Building net

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2020年2月26日 星期三

Fung Chang E-news – The Essential Role of Anti Hail Net

In June, 2019, Southern France was hit by an intense hail storm which also followed by heavy rainfall. Due to the global warming and climate change, the natural disasters occur frequently all over the world in recent years.

Not only the agricultural corps but also the buildings suffered from the widespread hailstones damage, hence it seems that the importance of anti-hail net could not be neglected at present.
To prevent the corps from hailstones smash, using the anti-hail net will definitely come in handy. Some owners of orchard will place the anti-hail net in a slanted position on their corps to guide the hailstones slip downwards easily and reduce the harm of frostbite.

For more information of anti-hail net making machine, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Production Flow – Anti-hail net

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2020年1月16日 星期四

Fung Chang E-news – Raschel Knitting Machine Is About to Export

As the Chinese New Year is approaching, the staffs of Fung Chang work hard to meet up the deadline of customer’s order. Finally, the production of Raschel knitting machine accomplished and so does the trial run.

Owing to the finished machine which has been placed in the factory, the regular customer from Japan made time to visit us in the middle of January and wanted to discuss the new technology for pallet/bale net. In the meantime, there’s also another regular Vietnam customer came to Fung Chang in the same week to discuss the project of purchasing new machines. 

We are glad to learn that customers achieve success in their business, and would like to thank you for all the support and continued patronage in the past years. 

If having any inquiry about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Production Flow – Fence Net

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2019年12月23日 星期一

Fung Chang E-news – It Is Pleasant to Meet You at Plast Eurasia 2019!

After finishing the K show in October, the team members of Fung Chang left for Istanbul, Turkey to attend Plast Eurasia 2019, the leading plastics industry trade fair held from December 4th to December 7th.

During the exhibition, the buyers came from local market and neighboring countries such as Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kuwait occupy a great proportion in the new inquiries. It seems that the demand in Turkey for purchasing plastics equipment does not decrease while facing the depreciation of TRY against of USD, also the emerging markets in Eurasia is flooded with potential investors who are showing great interests in our plastic net and net bag making machine.

With 2020 just around the corner, we are glad to have success in every exhibitions we’ve participated this year, and will keep working non-stop to serve and provide suitable machine for our customers!

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