Fung Chang Industrial Co., Ltd: Eco-friendly Harvesting Manner – Fog-Harvesting Net


2016年7月5日 星期二

Eco-friendly Harvesting Manner – Fog-Harvesting Net

Harvesting net is not just for collecting fruits any more. It is now applied to gather fogwater!

At the mountain area of Morocco, Chile, Peru etc., the land is dry and barren but fog abounds, a fogwater collection system using harvesting net has been introduced to these places. The amounts yielded per fog-day differ according to the region and season. They vary between 6 and 22 liters per square metre of net surface.

The fogwater harvesting system improves the life quality of people in rural communities. They can use the collected fogwater for agriculture, livelihood, etc.. On the other hand, the system is more eco-friendly and efficient which replaces the ancient way of digging wells and building cisterns for gathering rainwater.

Save water for better life! With the fog-collection and distribution system, it really solves the problem for people in need of water!

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Fung Chang provides DR-F series Raschel knitting machine for producing super wide harvesting net with flat yarn in PE material. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us!

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